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  • Discover and recruit new members.
  • Create a vibrant and engaged Padel community.
  • Connect with your existing membership.
  • Build your Padel brand.

Relationship marketing. The secret to success.

Online & Offline marketing Solutions

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“Is your club busy and thriving all year round? If not why not?”

It’s fair to say that nothing has transformed the discipline of marketing more than relationship marketing.

Instead of focusing solely on transactional marketing  – making a one-time sale  – relationship marketing strives to make a customer for life by building and engaging their loyalty. This is the key to our success in the sector.

We have built Go Padel UK from nothing to the most successful Padel Clubs in the UK right now by employing this philosophy.

Your sport marketing strategy should allow your Padel Club to promote directly to a primary target market, a captive audience, to engage consumers on their level and hence stand out from the clutter of all that unimaginative and dull traditional advertising out there.

Our imaginative and engaging marketing solutions have been developed to operate over a wide variey of potential spaces, both in the offline real world, and in the creative use of all online platforms.

This is to connect with your existing membership and create a vibrant and engaged Padel community, and to discover and recruit new members.

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There are many aspects that you’ll need to consider, and we can help in ALL areas:

  • We have a great team that can assist, help and advise on new website design and build
  • Website redesign & upgrade to increase SEO, keywording etc. in order to better reach your target audience.
  • We can help design your all important branding.
  • We can offer and consult on bespoke booking systems.
  • Furthermore we can design, build and even operate all your social media platforms including YouTubeFacebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • We can shoot a very high quality and professional promotional video for your padel club.

 anything & everything you may need in the digital landscape.

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offline marketing.

Just as important as online and should never be neglected. It’s all about building those relationships with your community.

There are a variety of ways you can do this and we can show you how.

The 5 P’s of sports marketing are listed below. We focus on each aspect and design a bespoke programme for you. We can advise on a detailed and fully integrated marketing plan based on the 5 P’s – the 5 key marketing principles.

  • Product.
  • Price.
  • Promotion.
  • Place.
  • People.



Complete online marketing package

We do it all! We run a complete service to free up your time, leaving you to play padel and deal with the day to day running of your Padel Club.

  • We redesign or build your website.
  • We ensure your SEO is designed for success.
  • We build and optimise all your social media platforms.
  • We integrate all platforms into your website.
  • We run designated and targeted campaigns.
  • We assist you with Google ads, Facebook ads, and all organic promotions.
  • We design your promotional videos, posts.
  • We use our extensive network of contacts to ensure maximum reach for your promotions.

We are experts in this field and have a record of success.

Take your club to the next level! Let’s go padel!

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