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Padel Is The Perfect Sport For Schools & Universities – See Why

Padel Tennis in Schools

Schools are continuously searching for innovative ways to promote sports and fitness among students. Padel Tennis is the fastest growing sport in the UK today and a sport that not only provides a full body workout, but also helps students become sharper and more alert, thereby improving academic performance.

Here are several reasons why Padel Tennis is a great game for everyone and why schools should invest in either Padel Tennis courts for their students or get involved with their local club:

Padel Tennis helps students remain fit and healthy

With the demands of school, students might forget the importance of a regular exercise. This is why it’s necessary for schools to provide students with venues where they can play sports that help train and develop their bodies. With Padel tennis, students are required to be in constant motion, allowing them to burn calories, increase bone strength, and improve the body’s flexibility.

Kids LOVE Padel!

Join The Padel revolution!

Padel is a very worthwhile investment for schools

There are advantages to having a Padel tennis court within campus/school grounds.

The court becomes a venue for official competitions and inter- school athletic meets. Schools can also lease the court for professional and recreational athletes’ training and competitions.

For schools looking for a smart and long lasting investment, GoPadelUK offer a bespoke consultation service, from planning and building your Padel court, training your staff and developing a thriving Padel club for your students and your community.

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Go Padel Uk Has reached out to local schools

At Go Padel UK it is vital to make sure this fantastic sport is available for children of all backgrounds and what better way than to offer this through the schools.

We have teamed up with Plume Academy with over 2000 students and run a regular ‘padel class’ for all students, this class runs once a week and is offered to all students.

How do you keep the juniors keen?

This is the bigger test, it’s one thing getting the juniors to come onto court for a session but how do you keep the juniors engaged and wanting them to come back for more? We have a fantastic program for juniors of all levels, we make this inclusive – there is no ‘A grade’ or ‘B Grade’. It’s a sport for everyone and that’s how it will always be at Go Padel.

Why would Schools be interested?

Padel is more than a sport, many of our juniors have made fantastic steps forward with their padel and have made fantastic friendships with other young players. This sport is not only active, healthy and addictive but its brilliant in increasing children’s social skills.

What do the teachers think of Go Padel UK?

Head of PE at Plume Academy Jimmy Ainsborough said
‘Go Padel UK are a pleasure to work with as the sports grows rapidly in Maldon. All Plume students should give this a go and make it part of their daily routine’
Principle Chris Wakefield simply said,
‘Fantastic in so many ways!!’

If it’s that good do the teachers play?

After developing this excellent schools’ program, we didn’t forget the teachers! We offer a once a week session for the teachers to come and use the courts for free! This has been a huge hit and not only has it developed our already positive relationship with the school but it has converted more regular playing padel enthusiasts!

Padel Tennis helps students become smarter and sharper

Padel Tennis is a sport that requires alertness, focus, and problem solving skills, as well as strategic and tactical thinking.

For students who regularly play this sport, they are not just working out their muscles, but also their minds. With Padel tennis, students will be able to enjoy a holistic development in both academic and extra curricular aspects. Moreover, Padel tennis is an exciting game that will surely bring hours of fun for both athletes and spectators.

Padel Tennis fosters teamwork, communication and the value of competition

The social nature of Padel tennis makes it a great venue to make friends and meet new people. At the same time, tennis fosters communication and coordination among players; allowing students to interact with each other on and off the court. Finally, it is also a healthy way to engage in some friendly competition among friends and classmates.

Padel tennis is now officially a discipline of tennis and under the LTA banner meaning there is financial help for your club to include Padel tennis at your club.

Go Padel is proud to be in partnership with and operate Hello Padel England

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