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Padel Court Construction

Bespoke solutions For every step of the process

Indoor and outdoor padel court construction designed for your venue and budget. 


All of our courts are 100% in compliance with the International Padel Federation standards, and are installed by a team of experts.

Incredible range of options:
Indoor – outdoor – premium – premium plus – panoramic.

Join the Padel revolution!

Bespoke Solutions – Indoor & Outdoor Padel Court Construction Designed For Your Venue and budget.

Ask us about our incredible range of options.

Indoor – outdoor – premium – premium plus – panoramic.

When starting a padel club you will find plenty of options online with a variety of padel court constructors across the world. Some are much better than others.

Being new to the industry it can be easy to see a confusing range of prices and options and be unsure of which product is suitable and affordable.

You will also have to think about planning and groundworks of course, and this can seem intimidating. No worries, we can help with all parts of the process before the installation even begins.

Having launched not only our own club(s) but worked with many others we have extensive experience in the most suitable construction companies to use, and we can certainly help get you the best price possible – and to the bespoke and individual specifications you may have.

How we will help you? After gathering all the information on what you need, we will liase with our partner companies and come back with a variety of options to meet your needs in the most cost effective way.

We can then help you to arrange the pre installation process and begin your journey to a profitable and thriving padel club.

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There are many aspects that you’ll need to consider, and we can help in ALL areas:

  • Planning application assistance.
    We can help you assess the land and compile an application that will make your padel club a must for the community.
  • Groundworks
    The actual groundworks are vital, we have a team of experts able to help.
  • Court Construction
    We have extensive experience in the most suitable construction companies to use and we can certainly help get you the best price possible.
  • Lighting
    Often overlooked! We have teamed with a specialist in lighting for racket sports. It means you can hugely increase your revenue potential.
  • Canopies
    Whether it’s one court or multiple courts we can find the right cover for you at the best price.
  • Business plans
    Alongside all of the above we can offer a business plan based on your budget and requirements.

Why Pick Padel? Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world!

…and for very good reasons.

Played by over 20 million players in 30 countries across 5 continents. There are more than 15,000 Padel courts worldwide today – as compared to 5,000 courts in 2007.

Padel is so popular because it is not as dominated by strength and serve – as often happens in tennis. Therefore it is a game men, women and kids can all enjoy together. Points are won by strategy rather than by sheer strength and power, so match-craft and technique are the important skills.

This means it is very accessable to everybody. Ideal for families, groups, friends, seniors, kids and tennis & golf companionsPadel is a sport for all!

Padel has success built In!

  • It is easy to learn & play.
  • It’s a famously sociable game!
  • Suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Fastest growing sport in the world
  • One of the most fun and addictive. 
  • A brilliant sport for players of all ages, genders and all skill levels.
  • It has a high fun factor.
  • It is relatively low priced for the user (4 people per game) which also maximises your court time revenue!
  • Is not as physically demanding as tennis for example.
padel court construction

Padel Is An Ideal Addition to...

  • Hotels, luxury hotels & resorts, & condominiums.
  • For stand-alone Padel Clubs, Tennis Clubs, & Tennis Academies.
  • Sport and Leisure Centers & Golf Clubs.
  • For schools and univerities.
  • Public parks and municipal recreation grounds.
  • Even private homes.

We have tailor made complete integrated solutions for all these sectors, from design and build to management and club development.

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