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Padel is the fastest growing sport in the world - and your club should be at the forefront of the padel revolution!

Sports club management solutions.

Best practices to maximise your direct & indirect revenue streams. 

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For new & Existing padel clubs

Maximise your potential

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We offer a range of ways we can help build your new padel club or rejuvenate your existing club.

We specialise in the following areas:

  • Increasing court utilisation.
  • Coach Education.
  • Increasing membership numbers.
  • Online Sports Marketing assistance.
  • Offline Marketing assistance.
  • Events & Tournaments.
  • Coaching weekends & Exhibition matches.
  • Developing junior academies.
  • Community Engagement.
  • Attracting sponsorship.
  • Engaging local schools.

We have the following packages available to help you maximise your potential! 

Let’s Go padel!

go padel club

Become a Go Padel franchised club

These packages are bespoke and based on your needs.

We like to work on the basis that our fee is based on your results, so it becomes a win-win for both parties.

Our current clubs are arguably the most successful in the UK and are the only ones with not only a huge membership base – but our clubs are deeply engaged with their local communitys.

Would you like to become a Go Padel franchised club?

This is the one for you, we work on either a set fee or, for pay-and-play centres, a percentage of court revenue.

What will you gain from becoming a Go Padel Club:

  • Increased court utilisation.
  • Increased Membership.
  • Benefit from our years of experience running sports centres.
  • Coaching from qualified coaches that have learnt padel properly.
  • Access to our expert online promotions team.
  • The ability to constantly tap into the Go Padel support network.
  • Running regional, national and international events.
padel court construction

Go Padel Events

  • Regional Events
  • National Events
  • International Events
  • Official Branded & Sponsored Events

We are also offering the opportunity for clubs to have Go Padel run an event at their club, using our database of players and national recognition this could be a great way for your club to benefit from an excellent weekends padel!

We will take care of everything from start to finish, maximising entries, providing unique categories to engage the entire club and putting your club on the map!

Get in touch to book your event into our calendar now!

padel sports marketing

launch your new padel club - or relaunch your existing club and reach new heights

If you are about to open or are looking for a ‘membership boost’ the launch option would be a good one for you!

This lasts usually one or two days, usually over a weekend.

We will create a fantastic weekend of padel to welcome new players and engage and enthuse the current group.

In our launch events we offer:

  • Marketing for the launch event.
  • On site engagement with new and existing players.
  • Fully qualified padel coaching throughout the day.
  • Pro Exhibition match.
  • Racket Demos, a chance to try some top of the range rackets.

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